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Work Philosophy

The philosophy undergirding the work of The Ark is two dimensional – the quest to be both proactive and reactive, to prevent and to cure, to attack the roots and at the same time to deal with the fruits.

The Ark’s programs and activities seek to rid society of attitudes and practices which nurture and tolerate discrimination, abuse and violence against women, and children, hence the strong emphasis on advocacy, training and education under the Capacity Building and Advocacy  Program, which consists of the Women’s Law and Human Rights Institute (WLHRI) and the Monitoring and Advocacy (M&A) Unit.

However, dealing with the reality that violence against women and abuse of children are endemic in Ghana, the Anti Violence Program offers the kind of services necessary to respond to flagrant abuse of human rights – abuse of rights to dignity, security and liberty, and the right not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman degrading treatment or punishment, which is the lot of many women and children in our society today.

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