Special Programs

The WLHRI’s specific mission is to “foster respect for Women’s Leadership, human rights and empowerment through transformational and cutting edge training and capacity-building program delivery to our clients and target groups”. Our particular focus is developing Young women’s leadership capabilities (between ages 18-45) through our services.

WLHRI Programs, Activities and Services

♣    Training Courses
♣    Training of Trainers/facilitators
♣    Seminars and Workshops
♣    Alumnae Conferences
♣    Mentoring and Support
♣    Library and Documentation Centre

The WLHRI provides training and other resources in the following areas, among others:


¬    Women’s Leadership
¬    Women’s Human Rights (Including Violence against Women)
¬    Gender
¬    The Global Women’s Movement
¬    Social Development (international, regional and national)
¬    Women’s Legal rights
¬    International and National Human Rights
¬    Organizational Development
¬    Leadership and Management
¬    Child Rights and Law (Including Violence against Children)
¬    Disability Rights
¬    Policy Analysis
¬    Politics and Democratization
¬    ICT and Development


¬    Women’s Human Rights Advocacy
¬    Parliamentary Processes
¬    Public Interest Litigation
¬    Leadership skills
¬    Advocacy and Lobbying (international to Community-based)
¬    Career Development
¬    Personal Empowerment
¬    Mentoring
¬    Activism skills (Mobilizing, organizing, etc)
¬    Public Speaking
¬    Communication
¬    Political participation skills
¬    Facilitation
¬    Counselling and Support
¬    Community Work
¬    Research and Documentation
¬    Monitoring and Evaluation
¬    Negotiation

Since 2000 the Institute has trained over 700 young women in the above skills and concepts. The Institute is having a positive impact on the country’s quest for gender equality since it has produced key women’s rights advocates, gender and human rights activists and leaders, political players, civil society actors and partners in the media, who are effectively challenging social structures and the status-quo regarding women’s participation in at all levels of decision making, on violence against women and in governance issues. 

The training courses also provide participants and alumnae of the Institute opportunities to deliberate on critical national issues and send communiqués and policy advocacy briefs to the President, Cabinet and relevant policy makers, stating their concerns. These briefs are followed up at the relevant institutions to find out what government is doing about a particular issue. Linking young women trainees with advocacy opportunities and skills to influence policy is a unique feature of the WLHRI that is to be strengthened and explored further in the quest to achieve change.

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