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Structure & Administration
Currently, a five-member Board of Directors governs the Foundation. The Board gives policy direction and reviews the work of the organization. Issues of management and internal controls are also examined by the Board.
Specifically responsibilities of Board members include:

  • Attending scheduled Board Meetings.
  • Being informed about the workings of the organization.
  • Developing and maintaining focus on mission and vision and purpose of the organization.
  • Establishing and overseeing strategic direction.
  • Articulating, safeguarding, modeling and promoting organizational values as well as enhancing organization’s  public image.
  • Identifying human and financial resources for realizing mission 
  • Selecting new Board Members.
The Ark is run by an Executive Director who provides administrative and programmatic leadership to the organization. The Executive Director is not a member of the Board but is its Secretary; however, she has the mandate to propose programs and activities, as well as operational budgets decided on by staff to the Board for the Board’s input and approval. 

The Executive Director is assisted by a Director of Programs. The two broad Programs are run by Program Managers supported by other staff. Three cross-cutting units, Finance, Management and Administration, and Resource Mobilization Units are also coordinated by Program Managers. 

Staff consists of full-time personnel on yearly contracts, and the organization also benefits from the services of local and international interns and volunteers. Most staff are assigned to more than one coordinating function. Program Managers and Program Officers also lead teams for execution of special projects in advocacy and education, such as the Church Project on Domestic Violence, or the Schools Project on Child Rights and Prevention of Child Abuse.

The Ark strives to operate an organic horizontal or anti-hierarchical leadership and management style. The cross-cutting units are named as such because they work to support the whole organization, its two broad Programs and special projects. As noted, several volunteers and interns contribute to the work of the organization from national and international academic institutions all year round.

The Ark currently employs 16 core staff and 1 part-time staff.
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