Special Programs

To achieve its objectives The Ark runs two broad Programs and a number of Special Projects:

 A. Capacity Building and Advocacy (CABA) Program 
This Program comprises the Women’s Law and Human Rights Institute (WLHRI) and the Monitoring and Advocacy (M&A) Unit.

The WLHRI engages in capacity building through Training, Research and Advocacy on the themes of Women’s Human Rights, Women’s Leadership, and Social Development. Its special focus is on Young Women’s Leadership Development. 
The Monitoring and Advocacy Unit undertakes monitoring of State responsibility on human rights and human development issues of women, and children in Ghana to advocate for the necessary policy, legislative or societal action for change. 

 B. Anti-Violence Program (AVP)
This Program comprises the Crises Response Centre (CRC) Project with its four service sites – the Legal Centre, Crises Centre, Shelter and Counseling Centre, and the Community Awareness Project.   The Anti-Violence Program broadly responds to violence against women, and children (VAWC) through the provision of integrated services and support to survivors of such violence and undertakes wide community outreach and awareness activities on issues in relation to VAWC or sexual and gender-based violence targeting Churches, Schools, identified professional groups and whole communities. 

Special Projects
The Ark also runs Special Projects to complement its two broad programs.  These include the Gender Violence and HIV/AIDS Project, Mentoring and Scholarships Program and Rights, Empowerment, Access and Participation Project (REAP).

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