Special Programs
Resource Center

The Ark Foundation, Ghana has a well resourced research centre that is opened to students and the general public for academic and professional work purposes.

The centre opens from 8:30am – 4:00pm from Monday – Friday.

The centre is stocked with various books and reports and is categorised into the following areas:

    1-1 Ghanaian Law
    1-2 American Law
    1-3 Women and the Law
    1-4 Legal Reference Materials

2 Human Rights
    2-1 General
    2-2 Women’s Human Rights
    2-3 Children’s Human Rights
    2-4 Economic Rights, Labour Rights 
    2-5 Land and Property Rights, Inheritance Rights, Housing Rights
    2-6 Conventions

3 Violence Against Women and Children

    4 Society 
    4-1 General
    4-2 Education
    4-3 Tradition and Culture 
    4-4 Religion 
    4-5 Disability 
    4-6 Family 
    4-7 Children 
    4-8 Situations of Women 
    4-9 Agriculture, Rural Areas
    4-10 Labour and Employment
    4-11 Herstory

5 Health
    5-1 General
    5-2 Sexuality 
    5-3 HIV/Aids/STD
    5-4 Sexual and Reproductive Health
    5-5 Psychology

6 Politics and Decision-Making
    6-1 Politics and Public Life
    6-2 Leadership, Management and Advocacy
    6-3 Organizational Development
    6-4 Women’s Movement (documents on Domestic Violence Bill, Manifesto, etc.)
    6-5 Conflict and Peace

7    Media, Communication and Networks

8    Social and Economic Development

9 Gender and Feminism
    9-1 Gender - general
    9-2 Gender Policy
    9-2 Feminism

10    Training and Counselling manuals
11    10-1 Gender Training
12    10-2 Violence against Women
13    10-3 Leadership
14    10-4 Vocational training/capacity building
15    10-5 Bookkeeping
16    10-6 English
17    10-7 Facilitating/ Participatory Learning
18    10-8 Human Rights
19    10-9 Conflict Management
20    10-10 Monitoring & Evaluation, Organizational Development
21    10-11 Others

    Workshop Reports

    Annual Reports



    German corner 

With a registration fee of GHC10.00 per year, you can have access to a variety of books on different issues throughout. Registered members have the opportunity of participating in any of The Ark’s programs and field work activities.

If you are interested in using our library for research and reference purposes or want more information on The Ark, please contact us at Queen’s Street, Haatso, on the Atomic Energy Commission Road, Accra, Ghana. You may also call us on 0302 511610 and 0302 247870 or write to us through The Ark Foundation, Ghana, P. O. Box AT 1230, Achimota – Accra or email

If you are experiencing domestic violence or spousal abuse or having problems with custody and maintenance of your children you may call our hotline number 024 3777773, for free assistance now.

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