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Networking & Collaboration

The Ark has spearheaded and co-founded a number of significant networks and coalitions in Ghana since 2000, including the Domestic Violence Coalition, Gender Violence Survivors’ Network, Network for Women’s Rights and the Sisters Against Disrespectful Adverts Network.

At the National level The Ark collaborates with government and non-government agencies such as:

  • Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs, Department of Social Welfare, Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Police Service and CHRAJ. Our NGO/CSO partners include WISE, FIDA-GH, International Needs, Gender Studies and Human Rights Centre, Abantu, Amnesty International, LAWA (Ghana), AWLA (Ghana), Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (Univ. of Ghana), Gender Development Resource Centre (GIMPA) and WiLDAF (Ghana).

The Ark provides practicum and seminars for students of a number of academic institutions on a collaborative basis. These include:

  • the University of Ghana (Dept. of Social Work, Faculty of Law)
  • Central University (Family Counselling)
  • School of Social Work
  • Wisconsin University (Ghana)
  • Methodist university (Ghana)
  • Columbia university (USA)
  • University of Pretoria (Centre for Human Rights), etc

The Ark is also a member of the following national NGO networks and coalitions:

  • Network for Women’s Rights (NETRIGHT)
  • Sisters’ Keepers
  • Gender Violence Survivors' Support Network (GVSSN).
  • Coalition on Domestic Violence in Ghana
  • Growth and Poverty Forum
  • Civic Forum Initiative
  • Ghana NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child
  • Child Abuse Network

Internationally, The Ark is a member of

  • Child Rights Information Network of Save the Children
  • International Network for Girls
  • Restored Christian Alliance for Ending Violence against Women

It has also worked closely with international development organizations such as Akina Mama wa Afrika (UK), ACTIONAID, and National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (USA).

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