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Founder's Message

The Ark Foundation, Ghana, is just baby among human rights NGOs focusing on protection of women and children in Ghana. But like most healthy, gusty babies it has demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that it can yell! 

The women's movement in Ghana has in recent times been faced with many challenges - whatever there is of it, and The Ark has not been left out of the exciting and sometimes disturbing challenges.

It has been a visible and active player, contributing and participating in various causes affecting women and child rights, such as the passage of legislation harmonizing child rights and law, formation of networks and coalitions like Sisters' Keepers and Network for Women's Rights, and generally making a "nuisance" of ourselves on Capital and Community radio stations.

But being a "nuisance," as some of our friends describe us, seems to be paying off somewhat. Government is making appropriate noises about ensuring gender equality, more organizations are getting interested in providing services for women and child victims of violence, and more young women are gearing up to become major players on the women's leadership and advocacy front.

We have to acknowledge the untiring efforts of sister organizations like the Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE), FIDA (GH), the Gender Centre, Abantu, LAWA, NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child, Central Aid and several others who have been a big part of these exciting times and have contributed to what we are today.

Our development partners, CIDA, The Norway Human Rights Fund, The United States Embassy in Ghana, ACTIONAID, WDP-German Committee, African Women's Development Fund (AWDF), and the British High Commission HRPF Fund, deserve mention here. What on earth will we do without their support?

The Ark is not finished yet. We are counting on you to urge us on to do greater works as we tackle higher grounds in the years ahead. We plan to strengthen our Program of support services to survivors of gender violence and make an impact in our communities. We also hope to add on to the numerous young women that we are training to take up issues of women's rights, leadership and advocacy at every level. It is a big task but it is doable. We plan to reach more children under our Schools Project on Child Rights and Prevention of Child Abuse. And we hope you care to join us.

Thank you.

Angela Dwamena-Aboagye 
Executive Director


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