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The Anti-Violence Program (formally support to survivors program)

The Crisis Response Centre (CRC) Project is the project that ensures the achievement of the objects of The Ark's Anti-Violence Program (formerly called Support to Survivors of Gender Violence and Child Abuse Program). The CRC Project was established primarily to respond to sexual and gender-based violence cases in Ghana. The Ark began running the CRC Project in August 1999.

The Crisis Response Centre Project currently has four service sites: a Crises Centre, based in Haatso, a suburb of Accra, and a Shelter for abused women and children, based in the Eastern Region of Ghana whose exact location is kept confidential for the sake of security of clients. The other sites are the Legal Centre for Women and Child Survivors in New Town-Maamobi, Accra, and a Counseling Centre in Kukurantumi. It also incorporates the Community Awareness Project.

The broad purpose of the Anti-Violence Program is to provide intervention services to abused women and children and to make available to them the necessary resources for their safety, and ultimately their empowerment. It also seeks to educate and sensitize the general public on the incidence, dynamics and impacts of sexual and gender based violence and the need to address it.

AVP Services Support
Beneficiaries are women, and children of either sex who have fallen victim to violence or abuse.  They cut across social and economic classes. Types of  survivors showing up so far include: spousal abuse survivors, survivors fleeing from harmful customs and traditional practices such as early or forced marriage, survivors of sexual assault such as rape, defilement, incest; survivors of trafficking and child survivors of abuse - sexual, physical and psychological. 

The AVP is unique in Ghana in terms of the adoption of an integrated approach to services support for survivors of violence under one Program. These services are:

•    Counselling and referrals at all sites of the Project(using mainly the women-centred empowerment approach for adult survivors and the welfare principle of “best interests” approach for child survivors)
•    Legal aid, Counselling and court representation which is obtained at the Crises Centre and The Ark Foundation’s Legal Centre 
•    Provision of temporary shelter for battered women and children
     (the first of its kind in Ghana)
•    Rehabilitation, which covers the provision of small assistance funds for subsistence and immediate practical needs of clients, basic life skills training and resettlement provision for shelter clients.

The goal of its Shelter component is to create a safe space for women and children who have been abused, by providing shelter and other supportive services which lead to healing, recovery and empowerment. We also seek to provide practical alternatives for life after the Shelter.

Shelter Services include: Temporary lodging, Counseling, Case Management support, advocacy and follow-up, care for pregnant survivors. The Shelter also makes appropriate linking up with other services, such as medical, psychotherapy, legal/pastoral counseling, and Life skills education for adult clients. It also provides educational support/tutoring for children of school going age.

Since 1999 over 3000 persons, majority being women and children, have benefited from the direct services of the CRC Project

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