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The ark works from a woman-centered perspective and considers itself primarily as a women’s human rights organization. Its policy is to be primarily women led with a majority of employees and leadership being women. The ark works with men, albeit in lesser numbers compared to women, in recognition of historical discrimination against women and their generally disadvantaged positions in all spheres of national life. Thus the ark focuses on bringing women’s capabilities, perspectives, values and experiences into the necessary spaces, and actively promotes engagement with men as partners in the quest for gender equality and women’s advancement. 

Our organizational policy and procedures manual and frameworks capture our approach to gender equality, emphasizing affirmative action and the women-centred perspective.  We ensure that staff capacity is consistently built in women’s rights and gender equality knowledge at orientation and in continuous learning and training; we collect gender disaggregated data at service points; include gender analysis in our research and surveys and target men also in national and community activities for their involvement and participation from a women-centred perspective. As far as possible, the strategic and practical needs of women and men who work in our organization are also ensured with their full participation.


•    Equality Of All Persons
•    Gender Equality
•    Respect For The Fundamental Human Rights Of All Persons
•    Empowerment Of The Disadvantaged
•    Excellence In Leadership And Work Practice
•    Honesty, Transparency And Accountability

Strategic Focus and Direction of The Ark from 2006-2010 and 2010- 2013

Within the framework of The Ark’s Strategic Plan from 2006-2010 and continuing till 2013, the organization’s Strategic Focus and Direction comprises the following:

  • a.    To bring community-based experience and voice, particularly of women, to policy making in human rights protection and social justice (Bridge-Building Strategy)
  • b.    To achieve a national coordinated policy framework and approach to addressing violence against women and children in Ghana (Policy Advocacy Strategy)
  • c.    To continue to build a critical mass of dynamic women rights and gender equality advocates and leaders for Ghana in response to demands for good governance and equal citizens’ participation in democracy (Women’s Leadership Development Strategy)
  • d.    To expand organizational reach and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in integrated services provision to survivors (Empowerment and Human Rights Protection Strategy)
  • e.    continue to actively participate in the work and the sustaining of existing coalitions, networks and movements on gender equality and women’s rights, human rights, social justice and poverty reduction (Collective Action Strategy)

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